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NCERT Political Science Class-11 (Part-1) : For English Medium Students PDF Book

NCERT Political Science Class-11 (Part-1) : For English Medium Students PDF Book   

NCERT Political Science Class-11 (Part-1) : For English Medium Students PDF Book

Name of Book :  NCERT Political Science Class-11 (Part-1)

Language of Book : English

Size of Ebook : 3.82 MB

Total pages in ebook : 244

Ebook Downloading Status  : Best 
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Description about eBook : Imagine yourself to be a member of a reasonably large group. Further imagine that this group has the following characteristics. The members of this group are diverse in various ways. They have different religious allegiances: some are Hindus, some are Muslims, some Christians and some perhaps profess no religion at all. They are also varied in many different respects: they pursue different professions, have different abilities, have different hobbies, different tastes in everything from films to books. Some are old, some young. Imagine further that members of this group are likely to have disputes over various aspects of life: How much property should one be allowed to own? Should it be compulsory that every child be sent to school or should the parents be allowed to decide? Or should it build more parks instead? Should the group be allowed to discriminate against some of its members? Every question will elicit a variety of answers from different people. But, for all their diversity, this group has to live together. They are dependent upon each other in various ways. They require the cooperation of each other. What will enable the group to live together peacefully?...........

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