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NCERT English Language Class-12(Part-I) PDF Book

NCERT English Language Class-12(Part-I) PDF Book

NCERT English Language Class-12(Part-I) PDF Book

Name of Book :  NCERT English Language Class-12(Part-I)

Language of Book : English

Size of Ebook : 1.85 MB

Total pages in ebook : 261

Ebook Downloading Status  : Best 
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Description about eBook : One morning at nine o’clock, while we were having break faston the terrace of the Havana Riviera Hotel under a bright sun, a huge wave picked up several cars that were driving down the avenue along the seawall or parked on the pavement, and embedded one of them in the side of the hotel. It was like an explosion of dynamite that sowed panic on all twenty floors of the building and turned the great entrance window to dust. The many tourists in the lobby were thrown into the air along with the furniture, and some were cut by the hailstorm of glass. The wave must have been immense, because it leaped over the wide two-way street between the seawall and the hotel and still had
enough force to shatter the window.............

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