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प्राचीन भारत : सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षा हेतु पीडीऍफ़ पुस्तक | Ancient India : For All Competitive Exam PDF Book

प्राचीन भारत : सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षा हेतु पीडीऍफ़ पुस्तक | Ancient India : For All Competitive Exam PDF Book


Name of Book :  Ancient India / प्राचीन भारत 

Hope This Ancient India Book will Step up you to Succeed / आशा करते हैं प्राचीन भारत पुस्तक आपके कदम सफलता की ओर ले जायगी

Language of Book : English

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Total pages in ebook : 30

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Description about eBook : Religion Movement of 600 BC
Founder – Gautam Buddha (Light of Asia)
Also known as – Shakye Muni Birth – 563 BC
Place – Lumbiri, Kapilvasta, Nepal
Childhood name – Siddhartha.
Father – Shuddhodhana (Shakya)
Mother – Mahamaja (Kaulya)
Prajapati Gautami (Aunt of Buddha)
Wife – Yashodharn
Son – Rahul
Horse – Kanthak
Sarthi – Channa
All the age of 29 years, Siddhartha Left his home. This incident is known as Mahiabhinishkramana. He went to Anoma river and became a monk near the bank of Anoma river.
He first went to (i) Rajgriha where he met Alar Kalam (Teacher), who taught techniques of meditation to him. Then he reached (ii) Vaishali where he meet Rudrak Ramputra (teacher). When he reached (iii) Gaya where he got enlightment after this meditation of 6 years on the bank of river Niranjane river. That incident in Buddhism is known as Nirvana.
Buddha gave his first preachement (Dharmachakrapravartana) in Sarnath (Varanasi) 
He founded a Buddhist unioun in Sarnath--To follow 3 their
3 Ratnas--1. Buddha, 2. Sanga, 3. Dharma
Mini age required to join Buddhist union -15 years............

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सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षा पुस्तकें ( Free Competitive Exam e-books ) यहाँ देखें

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