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अरोरा IAS द हिंदू एडिटोरियल सारांश (नवंबर 2020) : यूपीएससी परीक्षा हेतु पीडीऍफ़ पुस्तक | Arora IAS The Hindu Editorials Summary (November 2020) : For UPSC Exam PDF Book

अरोरा IAS द हिंदू एडिटोरियल सारांश (नवंबर 2020) : यूपीएससी परीक्षा हेतु पीडीऍफ़ पुस्तक | Arora IAS The Hindu Editorials Summary (November 2020) : For UPSC Exam PDF Book

Arora IAS The Hindu Editorial Summary (November 2020) : For UPSC Exam PDF Book

Pustak Ka Naam / Name of Book : अरोरा IAS द हिंदू एडिटोरियल सारांश (नवंबर 2020) / Arora IAS The Hindu Editorial Mind Map (October 2020)
Pustak Ki Bhasha / Language of Book : अंग्रेजी / English

Pustak Ka Akar / Size of Ebook : 2.8 MB

Pustak Mein Kul Prashth / Total pages in ebook : 114

Pustak Download Sthiti / Ebook Downloading Status  : Fast

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Hope This Arora IAS The Hindu Editorials Summary (November 2020) will Step up you to Succeed / आशा करते हैं अरोरा IAS द हिंदू एडिटोरियल सारांश (नवंबर 2020) आपके कदम सफलता की ओर ले जायगी

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यहाँ हमने इस बुक मे उपलब्ध content का Description दिया है जिस से आप पुस्तक / नोट्स के विषय मे अच्छे से समझ सकें। यदि आप  UPSC Exams की तैयारी कर रहे हैं तो ये किताब आपकी परीक्षा में बहुत उपयोगी है| क्योंकी सभी Competitive Exams  में अरोरा IAS द हिंदू एडिटोरियल सारांश (नवंबर 2020) / Arora IAS The Hindu Editorials Summary (November 2020) संबंधित प्रश्न अवश्य पूछे जाते हैं

1. QUESTION: Evaluate the challenges faced in tackling the average reduction in the climate change and also suggest some measures to promote collective global action.
2. QUESTION : Define ‘Time Use Survey’ and bring out the highlights of all India Time Use Survey, 2019 analyse has it proved to be a lost opportunity for India ?
3. QUESTION : Liberalism is probably more challenged in India today than in any other democracy in the world. Why?
4. QUESTION : What are liveable cities? Examine their relevance in urban development of India and enlist the challenges faced by them. (250 words)
5. QUESTION : Critically evaluate the performance of the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) and challenges before it in tackling the air pollution.
6. QUESTION : Discuss the significance of maintenance rights of divorced women considering the recent judgement of Supreme Court of India.
7. QUESTION : Discuss the issues involved in interfaith marriages? What are the constitutional rights involved in these marriages?
8. QUESTION : "The reasons for malnutrition/ hunger are multidimensional" considering the above statement discuss the factors contributing to malnutrition and also suggest appropriate measure to improve malnutrition in India.
9. QUESTION : “India is facing major challenges to regulate Ayurveda medicine system to meet the demand for natural remedies in India and in the world market”. Comment
10. QUESTION : Critically evaluate how the trade relations between India and the US have gone through many ups and downs for last couple of years ?
11. QUESTION : Throw a light on the state of Scheduled Tribes of J&K and list the major concerns regarding their forest rights.
12. QUESTION : Evaluate the factors and implications of India’s exit from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) .
13. QUESTION : Discuss the difficulties while preparing a vaccine and major challenges in its distribution at ground level .
14. QUESTION : Discuss disputed boundary areas between India and China and reasons for increased tensions with remedial steps ?
15. QUESTION : What do you understand by minimum government, maximum governance? Discuss whether this maxim has been practised or not.
16. QUESTION: Discuss the need for protection of rights for both victims and accused . What are the challenges faced by victims in India ?
17. QUESTION : A trade agreement like RCEP is both an opportunity and a threat. Economic isolation is not an option for India and It must move towards bilateral trade pacts. Analyse.

ऊपर दिए गए सभी Chapters / Topics इस पुस्तक में उपलब्ध हैं| अरोरा IAS द हिंदू एडिटोरियल सारांश (नवंबर 2020) / Arora IAS The Hindu Editorials Summary (November 2020) इस पुस्तक का केन्द्रीय विषय है जो सभी Competitive Exams के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है।

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